Effective facial care needs countless pans and tubes? Every beauty comes from a yet another pot? Let’s look at it differently! We are convinced: Less is more. To radiate naturally, our skin doesn’t need a lot. It just needs the right thing. And this is what we’ve got.

Our natural cosmetic face care line is deliberately simple and efficient. The four products contain only the purest cold-pressed oils, nourishing botanical extracts and a centuries-old tradition from the heart of Africa. Simply back to skin.

Face care inspired by nature

In Ethiopia – where many people have little access to industrially produced cosmetics – we discovered the secret of radiantly beautiful skin. We were inspired by beauty rituals from Ethiopia and other African countries. That’s why we rely on pure nature for naturally beautiful skin. And you can feel that.

Our cosmetic range allows your skin to breathe freely, provides invigorating freshness and ensures that moisture and skin oils are in perfect balance. For a better skin feeling. Essential. Natural. Refreshingly good.

“Yes!” – we are proud to have developed this completely new kind of natural cosmetics.

And “Yes!” – we are happy to offer you an innovative skin care routine. Simple, easy-to-use, but highly effective. Without chichi. Without a large product range. Without empty promises.

The luminosity of Africa radiated by its people and the abundant sunlight is our inspiration. A gift that we gladly return and pass on.

KOKEBI is a question of conviction. And these are our quality standards:

  • 100% natural raw materials. If available, from controlled organic cultivation.
  • Use of exclusively cold-pressed oils. In this way all secondary substances are preserved.
  • Pure botanical juices and essences instead of water
  • Vegan. We love animals and do not do experiments
  • Less is more and therefore better: Each of our products contains a maximum of 6-12 ingredients. Just as many as your skin can absorb.
  • It goes without saying that we do not use mineral oils, PEGs, dyes, microplastics, silicones, synthetic fragrances.

KOKEBI is new. KOKEBI is different. We do not promise miracles. But we firmly believe in what we do.

Our products bring your skin back into balance. regardless of the condition it is in now.

„For your skin only.
Kokebi is pure,
clean and the
perfect solution for
your skin.“

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