Abysinica Noog Oil wird aus diesen Pflanzen gewonnen

Is it surprising that we found the source of true beauty in Africa? In Ethiopia – the cradle of mankind? Actually not.

We were enchanted by the country, its people and their beauty on our travels. That is why our natural cosmetics are 100% Africa-inspired. And it is an affair of the heart for us to deal carefully and mindfully with all the raw materials that this wonderful continent gives us.

KOKEBI means “star”. For us, it does not only stand for the radiant beauty of the country and its people. It also symbolizes the brightly shining relationship between our company, suppliers and the users* of our African Cosmetic series.

We are all united by the desire for honest products: Carefully manufactured, fairly traded and without compromise.

KODA-Symbol of skin

Our symbol consits of Ethiopian characters which are spoken in amharic “KODA”. Translated this means “skin”.


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