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FAQ about KOKEBI Cosmtics

These questions are asked particularly frequently.

General questions

What is special about KOKEBI?

With KOKEBI, we have developed a minimalist facial care with only four products that gives the skin exactly what it needs: Lipids (or fat) and pure moisture. The moisture comes in the form of direct plant juices and the lipids from cold-pressed oils. Furthermore, many antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and secondary plant substances. Both care steps form a unique emulsion on the skin, which is quickly absorbed. Our products are water-free and the skincare formulas have not been heated during production. Learn to listen to your skin. You can adjust the unique care ritual individually to each skin type.

What does minimalist skin care mean?

There is purity in simplicity. We consciously use few ingredients, but the best ones. We offer few products, but the most sensible ones. Minimalism starts in the bathroom. Free your skincare from unnecessary pots of creams, packs, masks, ampoules, scrubs... Everyone who shares the bathroom can use KOKEBI and customize it to their own skin.

How long has KOKEBI been around?

In search of a skincare range that she could stand behind 100% dermatologically and ethically, Birgitta Bitschnau-Burkart founded the KOKEBI brand in 2021.

Are there samples?

For the sake of the environment, we do not use samples in sachet form. On the one hand, because the amount contained is simply too small to see whether the respective product is good for your skin. And secondly, because they cause a lot of waste and plastic is not the ideal environment for our cold-pressed ingredients.

If you want to try the KOKEBI skincare ritual, order the travel set. This contains trial sizes of the moisturizing serum Skin Splasher and the face oil Lavish Liquid. By the way, the travel set is the perfect gift idea for all minimalist natural cosmetics lovers.

Is KOKEBI also anti-aging?

Yes, KOKEBI facial care products contain high-quality ingredients such as Botanica Tomila (extracted from the Bulbine), Astaxanthin and Squalane. These counteract premature aging of the skin thanks to their antioxidant properties.

However, the natural aging of the skin cannot be prevented and we at KOKEBI think that is a good thing, because aging is a privilege that you can be happy about! We therefore deliberately do not use the term "anti-aging". Instead, we advocate conscious aging, which can also go hand in hand with a well-groomed and beautiful complexion.

How can I tell in time when the bottle is empty?

When your product is nearing the end, no more contents can be removed from the pump dispenser. To empty the bottle completely, open the pump dispenser completely and tip it upside down. The contents should now last until you have purchased your product or reordered it from our online store.

If you want to know in advance how much is left in the pump dispenser, you can hold the bottle up to a light source. If you want to know exactly, a kitchen scale will help.


Step 1 Prime Polish:
The 50 bottle weighs 106 g empty with cap and 156 g with contents.

Step 3 and Step 4:
The 30 ml bottle weighs 67 g empty with cap and 97 g with contents.

Are the products suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes absolutely! Every single ingredient used in the four care steps of the facial care ritual is anti-inflammatory. In addition, we use only mild, natural cosmetics-compliant preservatives. We can completely dispense with emulsifiers, which are mandatory for creams.

Can I use the products if I have allergies?

Yes, every ingredient used in the four care steps is also recommended for allergy sufferers. We can completely do without emulsifiers, which are mandatory for creams. In addition, we use mild, natural cosmetics-compliant preservatives exclusively for our leaf juices. Three out of four products are free of preservatives.

I have questions about the products. Who advises me?

Just give us a call and we will answer all your questions about our African natural cosmetics and the minimalist skin care ritual. Our service hours are from Monday to Thursday between 10:00 am and 12:30 pm and from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

Alternatively, you can chat with us at 0177-2833555 or email info@kokebi.de.

What is the shelf life of the products after opening?

After opening, our facial care products have a shelf life of at least three months. Note, however, that this is a best before date. As a rule, and especially when handled hygienically, our natural cosmetic products last much longer, especially the Brush&Bar solid wash for facial cleansing.

Are all products unisex?

Yes, all KOKEBI facial care products are unisex. After all, with the Skin Splasher moisturizing serum and Lavish Liquid facial oil, you can cater to your skin's individual needs - regardless of your gender.

What does "unisex" mean in cosmetics?

At this point we would like to take a brief stand, because basically everyone can use any skin care product regardless of their gender. Of course, our hormones have an influence on our skin and its needs, but the clichés that "women" need a rose-colored cream with a lovely scent and "men" need green-blue products with a tart fragrance are long outdated. Follow your heart and your skin feeling when choosing your care products.

How is the quality of the products ensured?

The quality of each raw material is enlivened by a safety certificate. The individual products have a safety evaluation according to the European Cosmetic Regulation. In addition, we have a microbiological laboratory analysis performed for each batch produced to ensure the high quality of our products.

Questions about ingredients

What are the main ingredients in KOKEBI?

Here, the focus is clearly on raw materials of African origin. We use high dosages of cold-pressed oils, such as

  • Abyssinica Noog oil
  • Moringa oil
  • Macadamia nut oil
  • Marula oil
  • Black cumin oil
  • Shea butter

For the moisturizing raw materials, we rely on the pure leaf juices of Aloe Vera and Bulbine Frutescens, as well as the anti-aging highlight Astaxanthin. This is considered the most powerful antioxidant in the world.

Es gilt als das stärkste Antioxidans der Welt.

Scientifically speaking:

The leaf juice of South African Bulbine frutescens has a positive effect on membrane protein aquaporin-3 (AQP-3) expression. In human skin, this protein facilitates the transport of water and glycerol in the basal layer of the epidermis.

In practice:

We have tried the leaf juice of bulbine and were very surprised by its beneficial properties. Therefore, the leaf juice of Bulbine is one of the main ingredients of the moisturizing Skin Splasher.

What makes astaxanthin so unique?

Astaxanthin is considered the strongest antioxidant in the world. This is a protective substance of the red rain algae "Haematococcus pluvialis", also called blood rain algae. Astaxanthin neutralizes free radicals that can cause premature skin aging. It is also strongly anti-inflammatory and an important ingredient of our facial oil "Lavish Liquid".

Does KOKEBI products contain palm oil?

We are very proud to have developed a complete face care ritual that is completely free of palm oil. Even good natural cosmetic products often contain palm oil or the ingredients used (especially surfactants and emulsifiers) are based on this extremely problematic raw material.

Thanks to the facial cleansing oil Prime Polish, the solid wash Brush&Bar gets by with only a single surfactant - namely Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate - and that is free of palm oil.

We can also do without palm oil-based emulsifiers. After all, our minimalist facial care does not require any cream at all and therefore does not need any emulsifiers.

Are the products vegan?

Yes, all KOKEBI products are vegan and even PeTA certified.

What does "water-free" mean for cosmetic products?

As a rule, the water content of a cosmetic product is at least 50%. You can tell this from the ingredients printed on the packaging (INCI). If "aqua" is at the top of the list, this is the most important ingredient of the respective product in terms of quantity. A high water content makes a product quite inexpensive to manufacture, but is less sustainable on the skin than fresh plant juices. This is even proven by the African Beauty Rituals. At KOKEBI, we completely eliminate the addition of water and other fillers. Each of our four facial cleansing products is highly concentrated, making them extremely economical to use. At the same time, this saves resources in transport and packaging materials.

What is the advantage of cold-pressed oils in skin care?

Especially in natural cosmetics, cold-pressed oils are popular and there are good reasons for this. The production of cold-pressed oils takes place without heat treatment and is therefore particularly energy-saving and extremely gentle on the valuable ingredients. Cold-pressed oils contain particularly high levels of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and secondary plant substances. The natural aroma and color are also preserved.

Questions around Africa

Which African countries do the raw materials come from?

We obtain our raw materials directly from African cultivation projects without intermediaries. Our focus countries are Ethiopia and South Africa. The leaf juices of Aloe Vera and Bulbine Frutescens come from farms in South Africa. Our Abyssinica Noog Oil and Black Cumin Oil are sourced from Ethiopia. Our facial cleansing gloves, the "Gabis", are also produced in a small Ethiopian project.

Where are the products manufactured, in Germany or in Africa?

Wherever possible, we obtain our natural cosmetic raw materials directly from partners in Africa. However, the manufacture of the products takes place in Germany and in accordance with the European Cosmetics Regulation. The safety assessments are also prepared here and laboratory tests are carried out.

How is the quality of the cultivation projects and their social character ensured?

Our founder Birgitta Bitschnau-Burkart traveled to Africa herself to select the project partners. Cooperation on an equal footing is a matter close to her heart. KOKEBI pays local producers fair prices for raw materials that are higher than those charged by wholesalers. All partner companies are run by women and almost exclusively women are employed.

Application questions

How does facial care without cream work and what are the advantages?

At KOKEBI, we don't use any kind of creams in our facial care ritual - and we do it out of conviction! After all, in any cream the fat and moisture content is fixed from the start, while the needs of your skin constantly fluctuate. In summer and winter, day and night, it has different needs. Sometimes it needs more moisture, sometimes an extra portion of fat. With the two separate products from KOKEBI, namely the Skin Splasher moisturizing serum and the Lavish Liquid facial oil, you can respond to these skin needs in a completely individual and self-determined way.

Instead of being produced, the two products emulsify with each other directly on the skin and combine to form a pleasant texture that is quickly absorbed. Thanks to this care philosophy, we can completely dispense with emulsifiers and heating during production.

Facial care without tonic. How does it work?

The main purpose of a toner is to balance the pH value after cleansing the face. However, this task is already performed in the KOKEBI facial care ritual by the Brush&Bar solid wash piece.

In addition, we believe that too many water-containing substances cause the skin to swell. Your skin can only absorb a limited amount of substances from the outside. Therefore, it is better to provide them with the right active ingredients right away.

Can I also start with a single product first?

Of course, you can also start your new skin care ritual with a single product. No matter whether you choose a cleansing product or a care product. Of course, the four products of the KOKEBI skin care ritual work best when used together.

Are KOKEBI products suitable for all skin types?

Yes. Because we do not use industrially prefabricated products such as creams, lotions or emulsions that have a predefined oil and moisture content, our products are suitable for all skin types. By using the "Skin Splasher" and the "Lavish Liquid" you create an individual flash emulsion on your skin. So you can determine the moisture and fat content yourself and individually adjust it to the needs of your skin. We have also paid close attention to the selection of raw materials to ensure that each is multifunctional. All raw materials are moisturizing, extremely rich in nutrients and vitamins, always anti-inflammatory and soothing.

Can I use KOKEBI products together with other brands?

In principle, you can combine KOKEBI products with other brands. We have developed the 4 Step care ritual as particularly effective for your skin, so that you no longer need any other products. However, it is still possible to use the care products individually or as supplements.

Is KOKEBI care compatible with make-up?

Yes, it totally does! Unfortunately, the myth still persists that oils cannot be combined with makeup.Secret tip of many stylists: with a good oil base that absorbs well, the makeup even lasts longer and forms fewer wrinkles. The special thing about KOKEB facial care is that you can dose the amount of oil very well and massage it not on dry but on wet skin. So the care is absorbed quickly and you can apply your day make-up without waiting long.

Can there be a problem with overprovisioning?

No, your skin can't be over-oiled. If you can manage with less oil, that's fine too. On average, the bottle lasts about three months. In summer a little longer and in winter a little shorter. The consumption also depends on your skin condition. If you notice that your skin needs a little longer to absorb the care, take a little less oil in the next application. The principle is: learn to understand your skin! The secret of every good relationship!

I switched to KOKEBI 2 weeks ago and my skin feels dry. What do you advise me?

In rare cases, the change in care may cause a feeling of tightness, small redness or even a pustule. Give your skin a little time to get used to the new care system. This should usually take no longer than a month. This is the period in which your skin renews itself. However, as you age, this period can lengthen. During the changeover phase, you can always apply a little of Step 3 and/or Step 4, depending on how your skin feels.

I have recently started using KOKEBI. Now my skin reddens and small pimples appear. What is the reason for this?

It could be that your skin is a little "overwhelmed" by the rapid change. Unlike many other cosmetic brands, KOKEBI does not use water or other fillers. Our products are therefore extremely rich in vitamins and nutrients and also very productive - not every skin is used to that! Our recommendation: Give your skin some time and slowly switch to the KOKEBI facial care ritual. Start with a single product (for example, cleansing) and after a week, add another product to your skincare ritual (for example, Skin Splasher). This way your skin can get used to the new facial care in peace.

Can I use all 4 steps of the care ritual in the morning and in the evening?

It completely depends on your skin condition. Especially if you have dry skin, cleansing with our Double Cleansing method once a day is enough. In the evening, all 4 steps make the most sense when you remove your make-up. Whether you then do another Double Cleansing method in the morning or just a cleansing with Brush&Bar, our Step 2, is up to your skin. If your skin does not have oily tendencies, we recommend that you use only step 3 and 4 in the morning, after cleansing with water and "Gabi". Please also have a look at our application table. If you would like individual advice, a quarter-hour personal skin care consultation with our Skin Guide is included with the purchase of a facial care set.

My skin is taut. What helps?

This can sometimes happen during the changeover/adaptation phase. With some skin types, it can take 1 - 2 months until the skin has become accustomed to it. During this time, care for the corresponding areas throughout the day again and again.

Questions around sustainability

Are KOKEBI products also available as refills?

We like to work with refills. We currently offer this for our Step 2 Brush&Bar. When your bar crucible is empty, you can order a corresponding refill in our online store and insert it into your crucible. We don't have any suitable refills for the oils yet, but we are constantly working on finding a resource-saving solution here as well.

What material is the packaging made of?

Our care products are filled directly into jars and bottles made of violet glass. This material has a good recycling rate and protects the contents from light exposure. In order to conserve resources, we deliberately do not use any outer packaging or package inserts. Furthermore, we do not use plastic films, but compostable bio-films.

Our face care set is delivered in a practical culture bag made of organic cotton instead of a disposable box. You can use these for many years.

Are KOKEBI products certified organic?

No, the majority of our African cosmetic raw materials are not certified organic. However, our partners, from whom we source the ingredients, act strictly in harmony with nature. However, especially the small farmers cannot afford organic certification.

KOKEBI is more than just "organic". Where refined organic oils are often used in natural cosmetics, we rely on cold-pressed and unheated varieties. Since we do not offer creams, the ingredients are not heated and require fewer additives. We can completely do without emulsifiers.

Questions about shipping

How long does the shipping take?

From receipt of order (and payment), you can expect the ordered products in three to four business days. By the way, the package will be shipped sustainably via the climate-neutral DHL GoGreen service.

With which service provider will my order be delivered?

We ship all orders sustainably with the GoGreen service from DHL. If you are from Berlin or nearby, you are welcome to pick up your order in person. This way, greenhouse gases that have to be compensated are not created in the first place.

Questions about sales and cooperations

I would like to distribute KOKEBI products in my store. What are the requirements and conditions for this?

KOKEBI products are mainly distributed through perfumeries, cosmetic institutes and spas. For this we offer special purchasing conditions for the cabin. For more information, please contact our founder Birgitta Bitschnau-Burkart at bbb@kokebi.de.

Do you offer treatments and are there corresponding cabin goods?

Yes, we offer cabinet goods at special conditions to our business partners. Contact our founder Birgitta Bitschnau-Burkart at info@kokebi.de.

I am a content creator / influencer. Who do I contact about a cooperation?

Please contact our employee Susann Möbius for further information. You can reach her by phone at +49 3027908490 or by email at s.moebius@kokebi.de.

Do you offer discount codes?

Yes, occasionally we offer you especially favorable conditions. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram. This way you'll be the first to know about seasonal offers and sets.

Questions about Prime Polish Oil Cleanser

Is it enough to clean the skin only with the Oil Cleanser?

Yes, if your skin condition allows it. As a general rule, the drier your skin, the more often we recommend cleansing exclusively with Prime Polish Oil Cleanser. The more oily your skin is, the more often you can use the Brush&Bar individually. In our experience, double cleansing according to the Oil & Bar Cleansing method is the most balanced and thorough form of facial cleansing and optimal for normal skin types. With this method, you can remove even the strongest make-up reliably and, above all, gently. At least once or twice a week, we recommend double cleansing in the evening.

Do I need to moisten the skin before using the Oil Cleanser?

No. However, our facial cleansing oil is not intended to act in, but on the skin, where it dissolves fat-soluble residues such as make-up and skin lipids. You can therefore apply the Prime Polish Oil Cleanser directly to the dry face.

How long do you get with one vial?

Experience shows that most of our KOKEBI customers get by for about three months with the Prime Polish Oil Cleanser. Of course, this depends entirely on your cleansing habits, i.e. how often you use the Oil Cleanser, in what quantity and whether you include the décolleté.

Questions about Brush&Bar Cleansing Bar

Is it enough to clean the skin only with the Brush&Bar?

Listen to your skin and trust your gut feeling. Especially a rather oily skin or combination skin can often be sufficiently cleaned with the Brush&Bar - at least in the morning. If you were heavily made up during the day and wore makeup, we recommend additionally cleansing your face with Prime Polish Oil Cleanser. At least once or twice a week we recommend double cleaning in the evening

My solid face wash does not lather properly. What can I do?

Brush&Bar Cleansing Bar lathers differently than conventional facial cleansing products. This is mainly due to the skin-friendly and palm oil-free surfactant we use. The resulting foam is finer and gentler, but has the same positive cleaning properties.

Your Brush&Bar Cleansing Bar is brand new? Then lather it up with the Facial Cleansing Brush a little longer and more intensely. It will be faster for the applications that follow.

Can I use Brush&Bar without a brush?

We at KOKEBI are great friends of facial cleansing with Facial Cleansing Brush, because its use stimulates blood circulation and gently removes dead skin cells. But tastes are different, and so are the demands that each and every one of us places on our facial cleansing.

Therefore, there is absolutely nothing against using the Brush&Bar without a brush. To do this, spread the solid wash on your palms like a soap and then apply it to the face area. Particularly pleasant when traveling or in the shower.

Questions about Skin Splasher Hydrating Serum

Can I also combine Skins Splasher as a moisturizing serum under another day care?

Yes, definitely. The formulas of the four KOKEBI facial care products are perfectly coordinated with each other and, thanks to the care ritual, can be individually adapted to any skin type. However, if you have another day care product at home, you can of course use it. Many KOKEBI newcomers gradually change their care and use up the remains of their previous care products. This is very sustainable and absolutely understandable.

How long do you get with the moisturizing serum?

As a rule, the contents of the Skin Splasher will last for two to three months if used daily in the morning and evening. The exact duration depends largely on the needs of your skin. If it is very dehydrated, you should first use a larger amount of the moisturizing serum to replenish the reserves. If the serum remains on the skin for a long time and is absorbed only slowly, you can reduce the amount for the next application.

Unfortunately, the skin on the neck and décolleté is often neglected in skin care. Treat it regularly to an extra portion of moisture to keep it healthy for a long time and prevent premature aging.

The moisturizing serum does not absorb well. What can I do?

If the Skin Splasher is not completely absorbed, the amount used may be too high. Just like the other KOKEBI products, the moisturizing serum is water-free and therefore extremely economical. Two to three pump units are usually sufficient to care for the face. Remove an additional pump unit for neck and décolleté. Otherwise, at the latest when Step 4 (Lavish Liquid Facial Oil) is applied. Step 3 (Skin Splasher Hydrating Serum) is the elevator for Step 4.

Questions about Lavish Liquid Facial Oil

Can I use Step 4 on its own or combine it with another care?

Yes, this is quite possible. Please note that you should only apply the facial oil to moistened skin so that it is absorbed well. If you do not use a moisturizing serum, we recommend wetting the face with a little water.

The four care products of KOKEBI are perfectly coordinated with each other and suitable for every skin type.

How long does the face oil last?

The contents of Lavish Liquid Facial Oil should last for two to three months if used daily in the morning and evening. The exact duration depends largely on the needs of your skin. Low-oil skin may require an additional pumping session, whereas oily skin may only need to be treated with the facial oil once a day. Also note that your skin has a higher need for oils in winter, as the skin's own lipid production is reduced as temperatures drop.

How quickly is the facial oil absorbed? Does a greasy film remain on the skin?

No, with proper application should not leave a greasy film on the skin. For a facial oil to be absorbed well, it should always be applied to moistened skin. Before using the Lavish Liquid Face Oil, you can either wet your face with a few drops of water, or even better, use the Skin Splasher moisturizing serum beforehand and apply the face oil directly afterwards.

A face oil for combination skin - is it possible?

Yes, even blemished or oily skin can benefit from the positive properties of a facial oil. Because if the skin receives enough lipids from the outside, it is under less pressure to produce fat itself. Sebum production can regulate itself naturally.

The facial oil is not absorbed. What can I do?

Lavish Liquid Facial Oil may not absorb well into the skin. There are two possible reasons for this:

  1. Too high dosage: Maybe your skin is already saturated and only needs a small amount of the oil. Just use a little less facial oil the next time you use it until you find the right amount. Depending on the season, hormones, etc. the needs of your skin change.
  2. Application on dry skin: In order for oils to be absorbed into the skin, an emulsion is required, i.e. the combination with a water-based liquid. Therefore, we recommend using the facial oil only on moistened skin. You can either lightly wet your face with water, or apply the Skin Splasher moisturizing serum beforehand, and before it is completely absorbed, apply the facial oil. So it absorbs quickly and without residue and cares for your skin.

Is the facial oil compatible with make-up?

Yes, it totally does! Unfortunately, the myth that oils can not be combined with makeup still persists.

Insider tip of many stylists: with a good oil base, which is well absorbed, the make-up lasts even longer and forms fewer wrinkles. The special thing about KOKEB facial care is that you can dose the amount of oil very well and massage it into moist skin rather than dry skin. Thus, the care is absorbed quickly and you can apply your day makeup without waiting long.

Questions about Facial Cleansing Brush

What is the advantage of synthetic brush hair?

Synthetic brush hair of the Facial Cleansing Brush is particularly hygienic due to its smooth, non-swelling structure. It creates a particularly beautiful and mild foam that can be easily distributed on the face. Thus, only a smaller amount of the solid wash Brush&Bar is consumed and you act extremely sparingly.

How to clean the "Facial Brush"?

The facial cleansing brush is cleaned quite automatically with each use, by the mild surfactant of the wash piece. It is therefore not comparable with powder brushes in terms of its bacterial inner life.

However, we recommend spraying the "Facial Cleansing Brush" with a brush disinfectant spray (available at most drug stores) once a week.

If you've been using your brush for many months, you can wash it out with liquid detergent as needed and rinse with plain water.

Questions about Cleansing Glove Gabi

How often can I use the facial cleansing glove "Gabi"?

It is best to change your "Gabi Glove" every one or two days. But that also depends on how much makeup you wear. If you want to wash your "Gabi", you can simply put it in the washing machine at up to 60°C.

Basically, you should wash out "Gabi" after cleaning, wring it out and hang it up to dry. We advise you to always have at least four facial cleansing gloves in reserve. So you have enough time to wash your used gabis.

Can the facial cleansing glove "Gabi" be put in the tumble dryer?

Yes, "Gabi" easily withstands the usual programs of clothes dryers. This makes the fabric of the wash mitt particularly soft and then wonderfully suitable for a "dry" face or body scrub.

For daily use, it is perfectly sufficient to let the facial cleansing glove dry on the clothes rack. After all, this is the climate-friendly solution, and "Gabi" gets wet anyway before the usual facial cleansing.

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