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KOKEBI Cleansing Glove „Gabi“

KOKEBI Cleansing Glove „Gabi“ – is our super hero! Just for this glove, KOKEBI has initiated its own project in Wukro a small town in northern Ethiopia. This gentle Gabi Glove is made of the material (called Gabi) in which Ethiopians*wrap their freshly born babies. Soft as velvet! This is hand-woven fine cotton. Pure nature.

Gabi Glove has a particularly fine structure and has been specially developed for the KOKEBI Oil&Soap Clenasing ritual on the delicate facial skin. After cleaning, hang up in a dry place and let it dry.

Each glove is unique and can vary slightly in shape and colour. This is intentional. Gabi is an individual, like you!

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100% hand woven cotton

PLEASE WASH FIRST! Machine Washing  gives Gabi Glove its perfectly soft structure, as the yarn structure can only really unfold through the water.

Pure cotton shrinks a few centimetres during the wash. But don’t worry, this is why we make it sufficiently large.


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