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KOKEBI Cleansing Glove


✔ Glove for facial cleansing
✔ Velvet-soft and hand-woven for gentle make-up removal
✔ Made of natural cotton
✔ Made with social impact!
✔ Your faithful companion for face cleansing


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Kokebi Cleansing Glove “Gabi”

The KOKEBI Cleansing Glove “Gabi” was specially developed for our Oil & Bar Cleansing Method with the Prime Polish Facial Cleansing Oil and the Brush&Bar Wash. It cleanses your facial skin in no time and reliably removes residues of make-up and cleansing products.

Many facial cleansing gloves are made of microfibre. Over time, parts of this material end up in the drain in the form of microplastics and ultimately in our waterways. At KOKEBI, we have chosen to use natural cotton instead. The fabric used is hand-woven in Ethiopia and traditionally used to wrap newborns because it is so incredibly soft.

The “Gabi” gloves are made by the “Seed” cooperative and by the young entrepreneur Mearu, who runs a traditional fashion shop in the northern Ethiopian town of Wukro. Sewing the cleaning gloves creates precious jobs for women.

Each glove is unique. It may vary slightly in shape and colour. That is intentional. Gabi is like you, an individual.


Before the first use
Please wash your “Gabi” glove before washing your face for the first time so that it can present itself in its perfectly soft form. Its yarn structure can only really unfold through the water. As the glove is made of pure cotton, it will shrink by a few centimetres after washing. No need to worry! That is exactly why we had it sewn sufficiently large.

Dampen the wash glove with warm water. Gently run the mitt over your face to remove any residue of Prime Polish Facial Cleansing Oil or Brush&Bar Wash from your skin.

Storage & Care
After each use, you should hang the facial cleansing glove in a suitable place and allow it to dry thoroughly. You can wash it in the washing machine at up to 60° after 1-2 uses!

Find out how you can adapt the KOKEBI facial care ritual to your individual skin needs in this overview.

Extra Tipps

Relaxing compress
If you want to enjoy a little time for yourself in the morning, you can let Gabi rest on your face for a moment as a relaxing compress before removing the cleansing products. Breathe deeply, feel your senses and prepare for the day. In the evening, a compress can help you let go of the thoughts of the day and relax.

Exfoliating glove face
In the morning, immediately after getting up, run the Gabi Glove in circular motions over dry facial skin. Only then cleanse your face as usual.

Exfoliating glove body
Use your moist “Gabi” as an exfoliating glove for the entire body. This way you loosen dead skin cells and stimulate the blood circulation. Add a few pumps of Prime Polish to the damp glove to give your skin an extra dose of care.

Dry brushing
Even when dry, you can use the “Gabi” Cleansing Glove for a gentle body massage. In this way, you get your circulation going in the morning and promote blood flow to the skin tissue.


100% cotton, natural and hand-woven

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Recycling Note:
For the sake of the environment, we recommend that you use the “Gabi” glove for as long as possible. Even an “experienced” facial cleansing glove can still serve you well. If the glove is completely worn out, you can dispose of it in the household waste.

With Kokebi products you can reduce your ecological footprint:
✔ No outer packaging
✔ Products in violet glass (high recycling rate)
✔ Refills wherever possible
✔ Bio-films instead of plastic
✔ Climate-neutral shipping

More Information see our sustainabililty Concept.

Social responsibility
Kokebi stands for social responsibility along the supply chain:
✔ Support for social projects
✔ Direct import from Africa – without middlemen
✔ Working with individuals and small businesses
✔ Member of the Society for the Promotion of Museums in Ethiopia

Learn more about our Engagement.
Fair Trade with African Cosmetic Raw Materials


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