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KOKEBI Travel-Set
Practical travel sizes for all the year


Are you curious and would like to try out KOKEBI facial care? If you are planning a trip and only want to take the essential products with you ?

Then you’ve come to the right place. The set lasts for approx. 14 days.

Included are a complete facial care, which can be finetuned to all skin conditions:

KOKEBI Skin Splasher, Hydrating Serum, 5ml
KOKEBI Lavish Liquid, Facial Oil, 5ml
Mini Bag made of natural cotton
KOKEBI, medallion bracelet


Facial care that meets your skin needs. Our Step 3, the Skin Splasher is a botanical serum and a true treasure of nature. It moisturises your skin from the inside and out. You can feel the invigorating freshness kick.

Combined with our Step 4, the Lavish Liquid – Facial Oil, the two care steps melt into an emulsion on your skin.


Weight 0.093 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm


Step 3: Skin Splasher/ Hydrating Serum (morning and evening)
Depending on your skin’s needs, 1-3 pumps of the Skin Splasher hydrating serum are sufficient per application on your cleansed facial skin.

Step 4: Lavish Liquid / Facial Oil (morning & evening)
Apply 2-3 pumps of Lavish Liquid to skin that has been moisturised by the Skin Splasher. Massage Lavish Liquid in completely.
No other skin care products, such as creams, are needed.

Does your skin produce more lipids and have larger pores? Then it needs more moisture. Treat it to a larger portion of moisture. However, use less lipids in step 4.

Do you tend to have dry skin that produces few lipids of its own? Then the smaller dosage is right for you. More lipids are perfect in Step 4.

Like our skin, the dosage is very individual. So try out what feels best for you and your skin.


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