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KOKEBI Prime Polish

Oil Cleanser-Step 1

✔ Facial cleansing oil with cold-pressed oils from Africa.
✔ Frees the skin from fat-soluble dirt particles without drying it out
✔ Moringa oil, sunflower oil and Abyssinica Noog oil
✔ Ideal as a make-up remover
✔ Step 1 of the KOKEBI facial care ritual


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KOKEBI Prime Polish Oil Cleanser – Step 1

With the Prime Polish Oil Cleanser you can cleanse your facial skin particularly gently and reliably. Based on the principle “oil binds oil”, it frees the skin from oil-soluble dirt particles such as sebum, sunscreen and make-up. Thanks to the lipid-replenishing properties of the oils, you have a noticeably relaxed skin feeling directly after cleansing – completely different from other cleansing products such as cleansing gels or cleansing milks that you have tried before. And best of all: your microbiome remains in good balance!

The high-quality and natural African oils, such as Abyssinica Noog and Moringa oil, contain important vitamins and nutrients for your skin. In addition, the cells are cleansed and regenerated. A short detox time for your skin.

For a particularly thorough cleansing of your facial skin, we recommend the Oil & Bar Cleansing Method.

The Oil & Bar Cleansing Method
Fat-loving substances dissolve best in oil-based products and water-based substances dissolve best in water-based products. That is why we at KOKEBI rely on the double cleansing method according to the Oil & Bar Cleansing Method. This consists of the Prime Polish Oil Cleanser facial cleansing oil and the Cleansing Bar solid wash piece. This way, your skin becomes really clean and is optimally prepared for the absorption of active ingredients.

For all skin types
The particularly gentle cleansing with an oil cleanser is ideal for dry, sensitive skin and skin in need of regeneration. Even impure or oily skin can benefit from the positive properties of this facial oil. Because if the skin receives enough lipids from the outside, it is under less pressure to produce oil itself. Sebum production can be regulated in a natural way.

Nanamine and blood orange (has a brightening effect and promotes mindfulness).


Step 1 Kokebi Prime Polish Oil Cleanser
Application: Apply 3 – 4 pumps of the facial cleansing oil to dry skin in the evening and massage in. It is also suitable for make-up and the sensitive eye area. Then remove the oil together with the dissolved dirt particles with the damp cleansing glove “Gabi”.
Step 2 Kokebi Brush&Bar Cleansing Bar
Step 3 Kokebi Skin Splasher Hydrating Serum
Step 4 Kokebi Lavish Liquid Facial Oil

Find out how you can adapt the KOKEBI facial care ritual to your individual skin needs in this overview.

Watch video about the application

Extra Tipps

Intensive eye make-up
Even waterproof eye make-up is reliably removed from your skin thanks to Prime Polish Facial Cleansing Oil. If the make-up is particularly intensive or covers a large area, you can also use a cotton pad and soak it with Prime Polish and a little water.

The facial cleansing oil can have a positive effect on impurities. If you leave it on longer, the top layer of skin becomes softer. Skin oi**Bestandteil echter ätherischer Öle/ Essential oil component/ composant naturel des HEls will rise to the surface more easily instead of igniting inside the skin. During the application time, you can cover your face with the (warm) Gabi Glove cleansing glove and briefly put your legs up.


Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (Sunflower Oil), Guizotia Abyssinica Seed Oil (Abyssinica Noog Oil), Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil* (Moringa Oil), Ricinus Communis Seed Oil* (Castor Oil), Tocopherol, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil Expressed* (Orange Oil), Mentha Spicata Herb Oil (Nanamine Oil), Limonene**.

*certified organic
**Essential oil component

Moringa oil – In its African homeland, the moringa tree is often called the “miracle tree” because of its properties. Its holistic positive effect has long been known in Ayurvedic medicine. Due to its highly antioxidant effect, it fights free radicals that are caused by stress and environmental toxins, for example. The seeds are pressed into moringa oil in a gentle process, without any heat. The golden oil is extremely rich in unsaturated fatty acids, the valuable behenic acid as well as the vitamins A, C and E. In addition, moringa oil has moisturising properties and many antioxidants. It therefore prevents premature skin ageing.

Abyssinica Noog oil is extracted from the seeds of the composite flower “Guizotia Abyssinica”. The herbaceous plant owes its name to its homeland Abyssinia, the high plateau of Ethiopia. The cold-pressed oil of the Abyssinica seeds stimulates cell regeneration and prevents premature skin ageing by neutralising free radicals. It is also rich in linoleic acid, proteins and vitamin C.

Sunflower oil is extremely rich in linoleic acids and lecithin. It is very mild, has skin caring properties, is extremely compatible and non-comedogenic. In Prime Polish Oil Cleanser, it reliably dissolves and removes fat-soluble dirt particles, make-up and sebum from the skin.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Recycling Note:
When the facial cleansing oil is used up, please separate the pump dispenser from the glass container. Then dispose of the container in the waste glass (good recycling rate) and the pump dispenser in the yellow bag.

With Kokebi products you can reduce your ecological footprint:
✔ No outer packaging
✔ Products in violet glass (high recycling rate)
✔ Refills wherever possible
✔ Bio-films instead of plastic
✔ Climate-neutral shipping

More Information see our sustainabililty Concept.

Social responsibility
Kokebi stands for social responsibility along the supply chain:
✔ Support for social projects
✔ Direct import from Africa – without middlemen
✔ Working with individuals and small businesses
✔ Member of the Society for the Promotion of Museums in Ethiopia

Learn more about our Engagement.
Fair Trade with African Cosmetic Raw Materials


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