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Skin Splasher-Hydrating Serum

KOKEBI Skin Splasher-Hydrating Serum refreshes you. Feel splashed! Here comes pure freshness!

This wonderful botanical serum is a treasure of nature and gives your skin an invigorating freshness kick.

Our motto:Instead of using a tonic, we prefer to apply the rich and most valuable ingredients directly. After all, your skin can only absorb a small amount of substances at once.

The Skin Splasher contains pure direct Juice from Aloe Vera and Bubline .

How does it work? Aloe Vera contains over 160 vital substances and lots of moisture. The power of the desert lily stimulates our skin functions and replenishes the moisture depots of our skin.  Your complexion will become more radiant and feels refreshingly revitalised.

The ingredients of Bulbine have an anti-inflammatory as well as antiseptic effect and therefore help against impurities and sensitive skin reactions. Pure regeneration. The hydrating effect of the perennial plant can improve the elasticity of the skin.

Enjoy the freshness directly after splashing!

Step 3Hydrating SerumSize: 30 ml


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Depending on your skin’s needs, apply between 1-3 pump units of Skin Splasher-Hydrating Serum on the cleansed skin of the face.

If your skin has an increased lipid production and is large-pored, it basically needs more moisture. Take the larger portion of moisture here but reduce the application of lipids in step 4.

If you have a tendency to dry skin, which tends to produce fewer lipids of its own, you need a smaller dosage here. In this case, more lipids in step 4 are perfect for you.

Like your skin, the dosage is individual. Try and find out the right dosage for a perfect skin feeling.

The Skin Splasher should not be massaged in completely. The skin should still feel slightly moist.



*kontrolliert biologischer Anbau/certified organic/ issu de l´agriculture biologique

  • Eye Saver: The Skin Splasher is a wonderful remedy for tired eyes. Distribute generously around your eyes, apply cooled cotton pads and leave on for 10 minutes. Your eyes will become bright and shining again.
  • Fire brigade: Stressed skin after sunbathing? Skin Splasher offers a cooling effect and regenerating moisture.
  • For men only: due to its cooling and regenerating properties, the Skin Splasher is especially popular after shaving.

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