Fair Trade


100% Vegan

Fairer Handel mit afrikanischen Partnern​

Wir unterstützen soziale Projekte in Afrika​

Fair Trade mit Afrikanischen Kosmetikrohstoffen

Fairness! What could be more important?

Honesty and transparency towards our users. And, indispensably, fairness towards our partners. Without ifs and buts. That is KOKEBI.

We consciously support independent oil producers on the ground in Africa

They should benefit directly from the sale. Because their well-being is our priority. From our high quality black cumin oil, abyssinica oil to the cleansing glove and aloe vera – we make every effort to import our ingredients and products directly from Africa.

Deal Fair

We prefer partners instead of wholesalers: our raw materials are from entrepreneurs in Africa, from whom we order directly at fair prices.

The Gabi Glove project makes us incredibly proud. Our cleaning glove Gabi is made by an entrepreneur in Wukro. She runs a shop for traditional fashion. The 100% cotton fabric is hand-woven and hand-sewn by a team of 5 woman in North Ethiopia.

We are a member of the Society for the Promotion of Museums in Ethiopia and Seed.jetzt. That is important to us!

Thinking with and on – not only in every single drop of our young clean beauty brand.


Our social project in Wukro in northern Ethiopia.

What is a Gabi?

Gabi is a kind of toga made of African woven organic cotton that every Ethiopian has. Mostly for life. It is particularly soft and protects against sun and cold at the same time. Right after birth, the little babies are wrapped in Gabis and carried in them.

Our Gabi Gloves

Our Gabi project was initiated by the Society for the Promotion of Museums in Ethiopia e.V. (GFMÄ) and Seed.jetzt e. V.

The most important person is Mearu. In her shop for traditional fashion, Gabi Gloves are sewn with a team of 5 women.

This is a great opportunity for the women to earn an additional income.

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