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'Green Packaging' in Cosmetics

Why we fill our products in glass.

We have chosen glass and specifically biophotonic violet glass. For us, a good reason to use glass is its higher recycling rate compared to plastic.

Furthermore, we wanted to protect your product from sunlight. This is exactly what our violet glass bottles and jars do. It protects our fresh herbal ingredients and increases their shelf life.

Kokebi Naturkosmetik Reisegrößen, Kennenlerngrößen

Refills whenever possible

As far as the product allows it, we would like to offer you refills for additional purchases. This way you don’t have to buy a new glass jar as primary packaging every time. The wash piece Brus&Bar is packed in combostable organic foil.

This offer is currently valid for our Step 2 Brush&Bar.

Gesichtsbürste und Gesichtspinsel für Gesichtspflegerituale

Facial Cleansing Brush

For the material we have chosen vegan brush hair. The handle is made of rapidly renewable bamboo.

All brushes are specially manufactured for KOKEBI in a Nuremberg brush factory.

Both our Refill and Gabi Glove as well as our Step by Step instructions are packaged in bio-films. These are made from renewable vegetable raw materials and are biodegradable.

The KOKEBI face care set comes in a sustainable organic bag. It’s great to take with you on your travels, because all the care products are inside and you even have enough space for additional toiletries. It’s also a great placeholder for your products in your bathroom.

We use kraft paper to wrap gifts for that special occasion.

Avoid paper as far as possible. That’s why you won’t find any catalogs or image brochures with glossy pictures.

You can find our step by step instructions and flyers on grass paper only. We think it’s beautiful, and it’s much more sustainable than traditional paper to boot. Because grass grows faster than trees.

  • We pack in recycled kraft paper at promotional times and do not use glossy packaging Wergwerf boxes. Looks great and is sustainable for the environment.
  • Our set is packaged in an organic cotton toiletry bag.

When your package leaves our shipping department in Berlin, we use:

  • recyclable paper filling materials
  • paper adhesive tapes

Basically, DHL Go Green is on its way to you.

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