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KOKEBI Facial Cleansing Brush
Facial Cleansing Brush

✔ Brush for facial cleansing
✔ More gentle than any facial cleansing brush
✔ Mild exfoliating effect
✔ Made of bamboo wood and vegan brush or brush hair
✔ For sparing application of the Brush&Bar cleanser


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KOKEBI Facial Cleansing Brush

Die Gesichtsreinigung mit einem Pinsel bringt etliche Vorteile mit sich und hat in vielen fernen Ländern Tradition. Anders als mit einer Gesichtsreinigungsbürste, reinigen die weichen Kabikui- Pinselhaare deine Haut ganz besonders mild. Durch die sanfte Massage werden abgestorbene Hautschüppchen gelöst und die Blutzirkulation angeregt. Für einen frischen, rosigen Teint – ganz ohne Irritationen!

Der Gesichtsreinigungspinsel ist die perfekte Ergänzung zu unserem Brush&Bar Cleansing Bar. Durch seine gerade Kante nimmt der Pinsel den Schaum des festen Waschstücks besonders sparsam auf.

Für die KOKEBI Facial Cleansing Brush verwenden wir hochwertiges Bambusholz mit einer angenehmen Haptik. Das vegane Bürsten- oder Pinselhaar ist besonders weich und ebenso langlebig wie der hölzerne Griff. Schließlich soll der Pinsel dir eine lange Zeit und für viele Gesichtsreinigungen zuverlässig zur Seite stehen.

Weight 0.032 kg
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 8 cm


Before first use

Rinse the Facial Cleansing Brush with warm water before first use to remove any possible impurities caused by transport.

With the Brush&Bar Cleansing Bar

First moisten the KOKEBI Facial Cleansing Brush with warm water and then run it over the Brush&Bar solid cleansing bar. Apply the product to your face in a gentle circular motion. Then remove the residue from your face with the damp, warm Gabi Glove Facial Cleansing Glove. After use, rinse out the brush, squeeze it out and store it on its side in a dry place.

Regular care
Spray the Facial Cleansing Brush once a week with a disinfecting lotion and a mild liquid cleanser. After cleaning, always store the brush lying on its side in a dry place.

Find out how you can adapt the KOKEBI facial care ritual to your individual skin needs in this overview.



Treat yourself to a gentle facial massage with the Facial Cleansing Brush during your next me-time. Use a second brush to massage both sides of the face symmetrically. Don’t forget the décolleté!


Durable bamboo wood

Vegan, hygienic synthetic fibre

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

ption for waste-free facial cleansing. If the brush needs to be replaced after some time, you can dispose of it in the non-recyclable waste bin.

With Kokebi products you can reduce your ecological footprint:
✔ No outer packaging
✔ Products in violet glass (high recycling rate)
✔ Refills wherever possible
✔ Bio-films instead of plastic
✔ Climate-neutral shipping

More about our sustainability concept.

Social responsibility
Kokebi stands for social responsibility along the supply chain:
✔ Support for social projects
✔ Direct import from Africa – without middlemen
✔ Working with individuals and small businesses
✔ Member of the Society for the Promotion of Museums in Ethiopia.

Learn more about our comittment.

Fair Trade mit Afrikanischen Kosmetikrohstoffen


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