KOKEBI face care: Simple. Fresh. Beautiful.

Our unique face care series contains only the highest quality active ingredients. Organic, hand-picked and natural. Finely scented and valuable oils as well as botanical extracts from the heart of Africa

make your skin happy an well balanced. They supply it with valuable vitamins, lipids and moisture. They conjure up an incomparably fresh complexion. Without Ballyhoo. But with all our enthusiasm for natural beauty.

Our promise

  • 100% natural raw materials
  • only cold-pressed oils
  • no water as an ingredient
  • 100% vegan
  • a maximum of 6-12 ingredients per product
  • free from artificial fragrances
  • free of mineral oils, PEGs, dyes, microplastics, silicones
  • formulations are not heated

Our 4 products are the perfectly coordinated team for an all-round radiant effect in just 4 steps.

Our concept.

less is more.

„KOKEBI is the essence of pure beauty. Inspired by Africa, our product family contains true gifts of nature. For a unique Glow!“ Birgitta Bitschnau-Burkart, Founder of Kokebi

Why our way is unique

  • NEW! KOKEBI - Oil & Soap Cleansing Methode
  • 4 four you! 4 products for eine face care routine
  • Your skin decides on the daily dose of lipids and moisture. Not a ready-to-use cream.
  • We use a botanical serum instead of tonic.
  • We do not differentiate by skin types, sex or age. There is only YOUR skin.
  • We don't heat our formulas. All vital elements are preserved for you.
  • It is our direct partners in Africa who benefit and not the wholesale trade.

Our oils - multi-talents for true beauty

Our oils are the real masters of our face care quartet. Each one of them is a little miracle.

Only the best oils make it into our Berlin production. From black cumin oil with its valuable vitamins and minerals to Guizotia abyssinica oil, which grows mainly in the highlands of Ethiopia. The antioxidants it contains can neutralize free radicals and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots on the skin.

Our essential oils provide our products with a delicate fragrance – just as it has been handed down in naturopathy for generations. Because they have a positive effect on our well-being and a pleasant influence on our mood.

All oils are subject to strict quality control. Our Berlin laboratory tests every product. Only those who pass the tests with flying colours may become part of our lovingly manufactured products. That much is certain!


Kokebi Product Family

The KOKEBI products make your care ritual a daily highlight. They are your best friends and bring your facial skin back into balance. The perfect level of moisture and skin lipids.

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